Friday, 8 May 2015

Flower moons, seedlings and special offers for you x

Happy May peeps!!

How are we all?

If you've checked in recently, you'll have seen that I'm a busy little bee in the garden(s), my own and my botanical plot at Gibside.

I'm determinedly making time for myself this year, regardless of how busy I am with Oakwood Soaperie. This year has started off incredibly well, with an amazing 5 new stockists around the region, more markets and trade events than I've ever attended in the early part of the year, an increase in online orders, and special custom wedding favours, so it's no surprise I'm feeling a little wiped out by it all already. It's fantastic to be kept so busy but I also feel it's more important than ever to look after myself as well, and not beat myself up over the occasional product being out of stock for a short period of time.

With this in mind, I'm trying to slow down and actually give myself the odd days off, doing what lifts my heart and re-energises me allowing me to really focus when I'm back in the studio. This includes walking, cycling, gardening and enjoying the outdoors, in all weathers, well I live in the North East of England, so the last bit is essential really!! I've never really been a sitting around kind of person anyway.

It was a Flower Moon or Milk Moon a few days ago, apparently the perfect time to sow seeds, so I did.

My home plot is now built and planted up with dwarf beans, heritage carrots, colourful beetroot, spuds and mange tout, I have rows of seedling pots on widow sills and this makes me very happy indeed knowing I'm making things grow and bringing new life into my urban town garden. Much as I'd dearly love a house on a hill somewhere in the wilds, it's not happening any time soon. But I've decided for now, to be content with what I DO have already, space to grow, feed us and bring more green into the world.

I've even made a little bee & bee for our winged friends too, do you like them?

Just because....I've made a special 15% discount offer over on my website, this applies to all orders, simply apply the code 'May15' at checkout for discount on your whole order, no minimum applies, runs until May 31st 23.59.

Happy sunny May people, get out there and enjoy your green spaces, be them your own or a shared space, slow down, feel the green grass beneath your toes, and the sun on your face, dig your fingers into the soil and smell it's sweetness, feel new life awakening...get out there and live it!!

Till next time,

Love, Ceri