Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Breaking News!! My lovely new shop on Wowthankyou has just opened it's doors. You now have another place to shop for my goodies ;O) not to mention all the other fab sellers on there.
The site has undergone a major renovation, the builders have only just left after having a thorough sweep up and removal of coffee cups.
Please come over for a browse, click the facebook & twitter links and 'like' away to your hearts content :O)
I've been really looking forward to this, it has been a while to come to fruition but here it is at last. I hope you like it as much as I do.

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Gibside Farmers Market and Craft Fair 16th April 2010

     It was my first time here and I must say...I WILL BE BACK!! Hubby and I got up (fairly) early and packed up the car, after what seemed like miles and miles of travelling (well about 10 whole minutes) we arrived early as per usual, thanks to my paranoia about being late for anything.

     We found our spot (after being moved about 3 times) and began the set up. Once the cloth was laid (wish I'd ironed it!!) and the bunting carefuly pinned to Health and Safety guidelines I started unpacking. I think it looked pretty but could do with more height, note to self for next time to take some wooden soap molds to use as blocks under my cloth. What do you think?

See the pretty bunting...
The full array before the carnage...

     We were right in between some lovely (and VERY talented) Bakers who made the most splendiferous pies, pasties, scones, cakes, batenberg, yum yum and more yum!!
     I was wishing I had not been so uncharacteristically organised and made a packed lunch!! We were drooling by 12 o'clock. I hit it off with a lovely lady form North Shore Bakery who is based up in Seahouses, check her out at the next few Gibside Markets and don't forget to ask her for "Breadnberg" our new savoury invention for the day consisting of flavoured bread or scone doughs, we thought sundried tomato and pesto for the squares in the middle, red pesto or parma ham for the 'jammy' bit and filo or thin pastry for the 'marzipan' - she'll know who sent you as we were trouble of the highest order - we really should not be let out unacompanied sometimes ;O) This is why I make soap and not baked would never work.
    We were trying to justify that if you ate, LEMON drizzle cake, PEAR tart, BLUEBERRY muffins, chicken and TARRAGON pie, and APRICOT tart tatin alongside some CHOCOLATE (for the calcium obviously) that this would be your 5 a day + essential minerals = a balanced diet (erm, maybe not, you see I told you I should stick to making soap!!).

Ooohhh, close ups!!

    There was such a huge range of goodies on sale I had to go off for a snoop, on my ventures I found...lemon infused rapeseed oil, hot waxed bears, cookie mix in a jar ready to bake, beautiful ceramic coffee filter things that fit over your mug...genius!! iced puffins, sausage pops, and local beer all being sold in the woodland glade - just off the car park in a country estate setting - beautiful.

    It was about this time, I thought I'd better go help the hubby but he was doing a sterling job juggling the punters like a pro. We had a steady stream of lovely customers all day and by the end we were shattered. come 4 o'clock it was time to pack up and offski's. Arriving home we both decided tea was not going to be cooked by ourselves, so a celebratory Cherry Blossom Bubble Bar bath and a chinese takeaway later and we were almost ready for beddy bies.
   We had a lovely day at Gibside and I'm already planning my next dates with them so watch this space for future dates :O)

TTFN peeps xxx

Sunday, 10 April 2011

The sun has got his hat on and he's coming out to play...

The milk bottle white is subsiding after two glorious days of sun. After the hubby and I stretched out legs on the bikes for the first time in ages yesterday, we were both feeling a bit crampy and sore of leg this morning, so what better thing than to go for a trundle.

We headed off to Corbridge (about 10 miles away) in the car then set off on a fabulous walk along the river and up, up, up 'Prospect Hill' which overlooks the Tyne Valley panorama. It was beautifully lined with hundereds of daffodils all along the way.
After much stair climbing and meandering up a very winding road, we came out on the Hexhamshire moors and the sun was blazing down.

The path wriggled it's way through some beautiful little hamlets and farmland then headed way back down through a woody be honest we were both a bit glad of some shade.

We saw our first couple of swallows too, delighted but not quick enough with the camera unfortunately :o(

Coming out at the bottom of the copse, we found a little lambing field where these chaps were blissfully sunning themselves. The must have only been a few days old Bless 'em soooo sweet.

We came back down the gazillion and one steps and back along the river where we had a rest and watched the world go by for a bit before heading home, Just looking down at my arms now, they are actually starting to go brown!! I really hope the sun doesn't burn itself out before the Propper summer comes.

Are we safe to 'cast our clouts' yet d'you reckon???? "cast ne're a clout til May be oot" meaning - click me...

Whenever we are in the vicinity, one of my favourite place to go to is 'RE- Found Objects' an absolute treasure trove of found objects and gorgeous bits and bobs, I can spend hours in this place, pootling and snooping and wishing for a bottomless bank balance (sigh) Check it out if you are passing's even worth making a special trip...I promise xx

Saturday, 9 April 2011

After a lovely bike ride this morning, it's been a hive of activity here at Oakwood Soaperie towers. I have been busy making labels & flyers for my two upcoming craft fairs...16th April - Gibside (nr Rowlands Gill, Tyne and Wear) and 22 & 23rd April at The Hearth Spring Fair in Horsley (Northumberland). Don't forget to put them in your diary.

I'll have some old favourites and some new & exclusives like 'Violet Femme' & 'Orange Blossom' bubble bars, Earl Grey Tea Soap, Sweet Pea soap...Come and visit my stall at the fairs for the first chance to buy them xx

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Roddy Woomble | The Impossible Song & Other Songs

Roddy Woomble | The Impossible Song & Other Songs

Had a fantastic night out last night, I went to 'The Cluny' under Byker Bridge in Newcastle to see Roddy Woomble (Idlewild's lead singer) live and acoustic. We were lucky to get there early enough to get front row seats. We were sooo close, virtually on the stage!! Roddy's lovely voice (he can tell me bedtime stories any day) did him proud. Anongst the array of gloriously gentle Scottish themed acoustic folk from his various solo and collaborative albums, was an unexpected acoustic version of an Idlewild classic "The World in your Arms" One of my all time favourite songs ( I was really good, not even a tear).
The atmosphere was fantastic, really friendly and intimate, the real ale was cool and delicious and the evening was so warm we even sat outside for a bit. The support 'Cow an Cane' from Teeside were fantastic as well. All in all a really good night out. He is continuing his tour up in Scotland in April & May, go and see him if you can, you will not regret it :o)

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Fat Hen and Flo: Friday Folksy and WIPs

Fat Hen and Flo: Friday Folksy and WIPs

It's no April Fool, yes I have been featured in this gorgeous Folksy Friday blog by 'Fat Hen and Flo', check out the other fab items as well, I particularly love the quilts and gorgeous handmade buttons. Thank you 'Fat Hen and Flo' xx