Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Phew what a busy day making goodies...

Well for some of us anyway. My 'helper' was good for nowt today, I had to everything myself! Todays makes include a new batches of specially requested 'St Clement's Bath Bombs', a huge loaf of 'Jasmine & Ylang ylang' soap, some Lavender & Chamomile' Cocoa Butter Bath melts and two variations of two new products...

'Lemon & Lime' & 'Jasmine, sweet orange and patchouli' solid sugar scrubs...
and 'Orange Blossom' and 'Sweet Pea' bubble bars. I can't decide if these will go in my Folksy shop or into my new 'WowThankyou' shop which has some exclusives...hmm what to do? Well I think I'd better get tea sorted as the cat is sitting on my keyboard making typing very tricky, I think this is a protest at not having any where near enough attention today.

Keep your eyes peeled as to where these goodies end up, don't worry, I'll let you know where and when, ta ta for now x

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Clocks took a step forward, I took a step back...

What a glorious day!! Wall to wall sunshine and it's only just got dark :O)
Today was full of lovely scenery on another fab walk in the countryside. Hubby and I took off to a local nature reserve and reservoir for a stroll in the sun (even got my arms out, that hardly EVER happens). We saw a huge heron, 2 grebes flirting on the water, 2 swans serenely swimming and sadly a squashed mouse :O(

On the way home we stopped in at a plant nursery for some seed potatoes and herblings for my newly dug veggie patch. I spent most of the late afternoon potting, trimming, digging and watering...bliss. Soap making is on the agenda for tomorrow, it doesn't get much better than this ;O)
I have told myself this is the first small step towards regular time out to relax, step off the treadmill of life and find the real me. One can only go hell for leather for so long...it does nothing for ones creativity and inspiration. Pics will follow shortly...
Till next time ...

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Pinterest Oh Pinterest...

Well, I was up with the larks this morning at 6.30, while the cat was snoozing, I was surfing for pretties. I had forgotten about 'Pinterest' so thought I'd go and see what had been added since my last visit. All i can say is WOW beautiful! go and check out my 'pins' and see if you agree. P.S Don't forget to come back and let me know what you think ;O)

My Pinterest Page

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Today's makes...

I love tea...well who doesn't? I really wanted to make a tea soap, so today I made an Earl Grey based creamy one. I infused the water portion with a strong blend of Earl Grey then mixed in the Sodium Hydroxide. I had a pan of oils and butters to one side ready to receive the tea mixture and begin it's transformation into beautiful gentle tea fragranced soap. I wanted to incorporate a nice blend of essential oils but wanted something a bit more complex than just Bergamot alone.
My blend ended up being bergamot, neroli, clove and patchouli giving the characteristic Earl Grey fragrance but with more complex spicey (from the clove) and earthy (from the patchouli) notes. I topped it off with tea leaves and calendula petals for prettiness et voilà, Earl grey soap was born :o)

Continuing on the 'me time' theme from yesterday, I decided another walk was in order so off I went further along the river. It turns out they were sand martins I saw yesterday not swallows, they were flying so fast I could not tell the difference. 4 horsies and about 12 toads later I came to a huge nesting area for sand martins, made note to self to come back in a couple of months and see their frenzied to-ing and fro-ing. I decided to turn back as a cup of tea was calling and I was starting to get a bit weary, I must have walked about a hundred miles (slight exaggeration maybe) in the last 48 hours. Well tea is in the oven and wine is chilling in the fridge, settling down to the end of another lovely day, toodle pip for now xx.

Pics below are some lovely early flowers in my Mum and dad's garden.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011


3 hours later, I have chopped back the dead wood on my shrubs and dug in a load of compost into my soon to be veggie patch, time for a nice warm bath to sooth my aching shoulders

Guilt free me time...

Today I thought I'd take advantage of the fantastic sunshine and get oot there...I've just returned form one of the most lovely walks in ages!! I've been out since about 11 this morning and took my self off for a long stroll along the river. Along the way what should I see but 5 or 6 swallows (already!!) 2 herons, about 10 huge cormorants and...wait for it...a kingfisher, I know I couldn't believe it.
 I've also had a bit more of a tidy up in the garden whilst being serenaded by the first frog chorus of the year. For the chop today, the clematis and willow which were both overhanging the pond. My froggies can hapily bask in the sun now, I think their singing was a thank you.No doubt the harsh treatment my shrubs have had will make them all go mental in the summer, anyhoo i'm of for s sit down and a well deserved cup of tea, sayonara for today peeps

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Ohh, the sun she is a shinin'

and the birds are a tweetin',
Today's makes are a huge loaf of Honey buns soap,  (creamy caramel in colour, smelling sweet as honey) and all new Sweet Pea artisan soap creamy base colour, swirled with pink and purple) looks just like a bunch of sweet pea flowers in bloom, the fragrance is a blend of  violet leaf and bergamot grounded with hints of patchouli and musk.
I think I'll get out in the garden for a bit as a break from making more goodies, I have told myself that this year I will take a bit of time out for myself and put proper effort in to my outside space. I have plans for a small veg patch and raised herb beds amongst other things, we shall see how it goes.