Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Guilt free me time...

Today I thought I'd take advantage of the fantastic sunshine and get oot there...I've just returned form one of the most lovely walks in ages!! I've been out since about 11 this morning and took my self off for a long stroll along the river. Along the way what should I see but 5 or 6 swallows (already!!) 2 herons, about 10 huge cormorants and...wait for it...a kingfisher, I know I couldn't believe it.
 I've also had a bit more of a tidy up in the garden whilst being serenaded by the first frog chorus of the year. For the chop today, the clematis and willow which were both overhanging the pond. My froggies can hapily bask in the sun now, I think their singing was a thank you.No doubt the harsh treatment my shrubs have had will make them all go mental in the summer, anyhoo i'm of for s sit down and a well deserved cup of tea, sayonara for today peeps

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