Tuesday, 19 June 2012

New techniques on some old favourites.

My favourite time is Making time!!
Today I decided I wanted to play a bit...must have been the sun going to my head...Soooo, on the cards were new re-makes of Lavender and Clary Sage and Buttered Rose. I tried a new pouring technique with Buttered Rose...a Ying Yang swirl. Sounds exotic doesn't it?!!

Basically each colour is mixed individually and poured simultaneously into the mold then swirled together...all before it starts to set up...this can be very quickly, especially with the lashings of beautiful floral essential oils, used in making 'Buttered Rose'.

 I think I made it...what do you think? I added dried rosebuds for extra prettiness <3 <3 <3

Buttered Rose and a Ying Yang swirl.


Buttered Rose (front), Lavender & Clary Sage (back)

Lots of re-makes to do in the next few weeks so I'll try to keep you updated...these will be listed on the website in around 5 weeks, once they have cured...don't forget to pop back.

TTFN xxx

Monday, 28 May 2012

CraftFEST 9th - 16th June - The largest worldwide Online Craft Fair

Good morning all, It's gloriously sunny up here in the North East this morning and I can't wait to get out in to the garden again...but first I just have to tell you all about CraftFest!

CraftFEST is the largest online craft fair you could imagine, crafters from all around the world join forces to network and sell their beautiful handmade items for a whole week 24hrs a day, for 7 days between 9th and the 16th June.

We are delighted to be participating this year for the first time and are hoping for lots of  'Creative Connections' with fellow crafters and hopfully new customers too.

With 100's of crafters already setting up their stalls in preparation it should be a fantastic event with a real community feel and some amazing items for sale...no need to even go anywhere, you can view and buy all from the comfort of your favourite chair.

We're gearing up ready for the launch and hope to have a wonderfull week connecting with new and lovely people, hopefully even making some sales...here are some wonderful items we've found so far...

Copper Wrapped Amonite Pendant - Spiral Fountain Jewellery

RoseBud Tote bag - Personal Space Interiors

Child's Pinny's - The Old Button

Pocket Notebook - Handmade in Keswick

For loads more beautiful handmade goodies, make sure you drop in to CraftFEST between 9th - 16th June and pick up something beautifully handmade direct from the crafter.

Our Stall Link is here...come on over for a browse...

Monday, 7 May 2012

Well here in blighty it's a bank holiday...but no rest for the wicked...I have 3 batches of ingredients ready and cooling for today's soaping adventures.

Wylam Beer soap with Patchouli
On the cards for today...Wylam Beer (in preparation for a Village fairs next month),
Turkish Rose Madder soap with Oat potein
 Turkish Rose Madder ( a hot favourite in the last few weeks)

SOS Facial Cleansing Bar with bentonite, charcoal and Essential oils
 and SOS facial cleansing bar with tea tree and lemon.

While the lye water, beer infusions and madder root are all doing their thing and becoming lovely and ready to soap with, I though I'd do a spot of 'research' on facebook, you know keeping the profile up and checking the latest news.

Anyhoo while I was there, I discovered to my delight that my Beddy Byes Bath Milk has been chosen for the UK Handmade's Summer Showcase. so I HAD to tell you about it ;)

Please do pop over for a browse, ther are some beautful UK handmade crafts and gifts chosen, I'm so proud to be one of their selection.

Right back to making and wrapping...lots to do to keep me out of mischief today...Happy May Bank Holiday everyone!!

love Ceri xxx

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

CraftFest Stall 9th - 16th June 2012

Well, today I have been putting the finishing touches to my online CraftFest stall which will be a part of a HUGE online craft fair held for a full week between 9th - 16th June. (click the link above to view my stall)
It will be our first one so I'm hoping it will go well.
It will be host to 100's of UK artisan crafters and makers who will put up their virtual 'stall' for the general public's perusal (and hopfully purchase). It is the only 24 / 7 UK craft market of it's kind - as far as I'm aware and was massively successful last year so we have high hopes!!
 Wish us luck everyone ;)

Monday, 26 March 2012

Spring cleaning...

Today the sun is belting down outside and up here in the North East, it's around 20 degrees!! that's good for a summer day never mind one in March!! Please don''t burn yourself out before we have a real summer Mr Sun...

I've recently been designing some all new fantastic soaps to add to the range. Some older ones will be dissapearing for a while to make room for their new gang members.

I've always wanted to have a go at salt bars, these are fantastically scrubby and really good for buffing up tired winter skin and boosting sluggish circulation. They can be used as invigorating all over shower soaps, foot scrubs, or as a pre-waxing exfoliation for your legs. Basically they will help buff up your bod ready for it being bared in the summer (GULP!!!- note to self...LOTS more belly dancing and long bike rides required before then!!  ;)

Sooooooo.........Introducing 3 new salt bar soaps, names to be confirmed...

Detox spa bar  

Detox Spa Bar - coloured with Spirulina (seaweed powder) and fragranced with  purifying essentail oils of Juniper, Rosemary and Lemon. As Spirulina is a very natural ingredient, I'm hoping it will hold it's colour and stay this vivid green, fingers crossed for me.

Clay Spa Bar
Clay Spa Bar - with green clay for extra cleansing, Chlorophyll extract for the green hue and fragranced with  Sweet Fennel, Rosemary and Peppermint essential oils...

Lemongrass, Salt and Pepper layered Spa Bar

Lemongrass, Salt and Pepper layered Spa Bar - coloured with annato extract and fragranced with Lemongrass, Coriander, and Black Pepper essential oils.

These three ladies will be cured by the end of April and available from their own special section on the website www.oakwoodsoaperie.co.uk

There are plenty more new and exciting creations in the pipeline but that will have to keep you going for a bit ;) They will all be revealed in good time, anyhoo, the sun is blazing outside and it's calling me out to bask in it for a bit, so TTFN xxx

Monday, 5 March 2012

My New Spangly Soap Workshop - guided tour

Spring is underway and what better time to reveal my newly re-fitted workshop? It has taken a while but at long last, I now have a fully functioning and lovely (well, I think so) workspace to design, make and wrap all my lovely goodies just for you.

The Design Hub (well,  really just my desk ;)

I love to have inspiration at my fingertips so any beautiful things I find get put onto the heart rack, for reference later on. You can even see one of the lovely calendars I got made up at Christmas time perched to the side of my screen, birdie keeps a close eye on it for me so I don't forget which day it is!!

Storage, Storage, Storage!!

I now have tonnes of MUCH needed space to make, wrap and store everything, it's already filling up nicely. You can see my crates under the bench - these come to my regular craft fairs around the North East...spreading the Oakwood Soaperie lurve out there...I have space for 12 in total, I think this will do me for a while!!
The far side of the bench has an open cupboard for all my equipment and soap oils, better for easy access mid soaping. All my ingredients are over on the racks in the corner (don't look too close, they need a tidy!)  while this side is my wrapping and postage half...with doors to prevent the labels etc. getting all bits on them when I'm making goodies.
At the back are my new curing towers - I LOVE these, lots of space and good ventillation for curing soaps / drying bath bombs / bubble bars etc. Each basket easily holds around 40 bars...that's a lot of soap!!!

Online stock storage for Folksy, WowThankyou and my new Website

Here are my new shelf units too, when you order from one of my online shops or the website, this is where all your goodies have been waiting for you, ready to be re-homed. As well as the storage shelves above, I also have a space specially for larger orders and wholesale / retail allowing me to have everything in one place. It's much easier to see what I have now and what needs replenishing. I plan to get more stacking boxes to utilise the shelves a bit better but that is the easy part.

Well that's it, tour finished...I hope you have enjoyed a sneaky peek behind the doors at Oakwood Soaperie, it may be small but it's mine and I'm very proud to have done every bit myself, including laying a new floor, all the painting and sourcing and building all that storage. I think it's time for a nice cuppa and back to some soaping...thank you all for coming round :)

TTFN xxx

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy Valentines Day! (and some new makes for our new website)

Today it's been all go here at Soaperie Towers :)
Bath bombs are now drying on the racks and soap is almost ready to pour.
Todays makes include Green Tea and Rice bran Bath bombs and St Clements - Orange and lemon bath bombs ( both with a new secret bubbling ingredient)

Green Tea and Rice Bran Bubbling bomb

St Clement's - all wrapped up

Yesterday I made new batches of our best sellers - Floral Heaven (Jasmine & Ylang ylang) and Heather Honey bath bombs, this room smells AMAZING!! I can't wait till tonight, as I get to use up all the little end bits and crumbs that are left - soapmakers treat :)
Our bath bombs make lovely Wedding Favours and can be tailored to suit the theme of the wedding or special occasion, I can even rustle up some custom labels too, (if i'm feeling particularly clever!)

Floral Heaven Bath Bombs

Heather Honey Bath Bombs

I'll be pouring a new batch of Sweet Pea soap this afternoon too, hopefully it should look like this when cured.

Sweet Pea Soap
These will all be listed on our new website as soon as they are wrapped and ready.

More updates to follow very soon -
TTFN - time for lunch xx

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Our New Website is about to launch.

Well I'm sorry it's been so long since my last posting...what can I say I've been a really busy lady. I have been re-fitting my workshop so I should soon have loads of new storage and surfaces to make heaps more lovely goodies. Once it's complete, I'll give you a guided tour by photo...just need a bench surface and I think we're done :)

I've also been building our own lovely website...I'm almost there, so there is a 'coming soon' and 'about us' page just for now, pop over for a sneak preview...www.oakwoodsoaperie.co.uk
I have a lot of wrapping and labelling to do but you will soon be able to buy direct from us...Yay!!
Lots of new products in the pipeline too, keep checking back with us over the next few weeks for new listings.

I am also hoping to open a couple of new online shops at 'Ethical Community' and 'Etsy' so it's all go here!

Well I s'pose I'd better get back to my melts setting up in the fridge and get another batch on the go...in the mean time, here are some images of new goodies to tempt you...Spring is in the air...I know it, bring on the sunshine!!