Monday, 7 May 2012

Well here in blighty it's a bank holiday...but no rest for the wicked...I have 3 batches of ingredients ready and cooling for today's soaping adventures.

Wylam Beer soap with Patchouli
On the cards for today...Wylam Beer (in preparation for a Village fairs next month),
Turkish Rose Madder soap with Oat potein
 Turkish Rose Madder ( a hot favourite in the last few weeks)

SOS Facial Cleansing Bar with bentonite, charcoal and Essential oils
 and SOS facial cleansing bar with tea tree and lemon.

While the lye water, beer infusions and madder root are all doing their thing and becoming lovely and ready to soap with, I though I'd do a spot of 'research' on facebook, you know keeping the profile up and checking the latest news.

Anyhoo while I was there, I discovered to my delight that my Beddy Byes Bath Milk has been chosen for the UK Handmade's Summer Showcase. so I HAD to tell you about it ;)

Please do pop over for a browse, ther are some beautful UK handmade crafts and gifts chosen, I'm so proud to be one of their selection.

Right back to making and wrapping...lots to do to keep me out of mischief today...Happy May Bank Holiday everyone!!

love Ceri xxx

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  1. Your soaps are absolutely lovely! I love the color in the Turkish Rose Madder soap, it's gorgeous.