Friday, 31 May 2013

Behind the scenes...paper trails and tea...

         Well, the sun has got his hat on...and soon I'll be coming out to play :)

         Today is an enforced admin day (well morning) as my car is having a 'wee bit service' at the garage, so I'm at home catching up on all those things that I keep putting paperwork and admin...sigh. I'd much rather be making more soap in my workshop, but needs must.

         You may not know this but to enable me to bring lovely handmade soap and bath goodies into being, there are an awful lot of legal aspects to consider...PIF's, MSDS, SA's and now a new EU Portal, not to mention a whole host of new regulations to adhere to from July....WHAAAA...??? I hear you cry...fear not, this mumbo jumbo is just for me to worry about...and make sure I get right!! so I can continue to bring you some lovely all natural and (hopefully) beautiful creations to pamper yourselves with.
Sooo...this is what has been keeping me awake at night...and is where the grey hairs have been coming from too I'll bet...well, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!!

        As a natural soap maker I have to keep records of every single item I make with batch numbers, manufacturing and use by dates, full ingredients (including Latin names) and allergen declarations for each essential oil I use in every single product. Each record also has to state the individual ingredients batch number form my suppliers you can only begin to imagine how many files I have on the shelves and my computer now!! This is all so I can comply with current standards and guidelines of soap and cosmetic manufacture...I just have to remind myself that without doing this, I cannot play and make soap for you it's WORTH it! I just thought you might like to know a little about how much also goes on in the background as well as all about the products I make.

      I'm almost done now and my eyes are squaring up as I type, so how do you fancy a peek at some of my new LIMITED EDITION summer soaps...(and yes, I have done my paperwork for them too). I'd love to hear what you think :D

Find them on my website to order now...

Summer Fayre - LIMITED EDITION with Rose Geranium,
Clary Sage, Rosemary and Thyme essential oils

Lemon Myrtle and Lavender -
LIMITED EDITION insect deterrent soap

Close up of Lemon Myrtle soap
 - with heather flowers for prettiness.

Safflower Sunset -
 Sweet Orange, Ylang ylang and Patchouli

I think that's enough screen time for the day, time for a bit of fun...I'm off into the garden to give it a bit of's been a LOOOONG time coming, Hope the sun stay out for me!

TTFN soapies xxx

Monday, 11 March 2013

Big News...Pt # 2

Hi Folks :)

       Well, we're all moved in to my new workshop at the Stables on the Gibside Estate - a beautiful National Trust property right up here in the North East ... HURRAH!!... I'm waiting in for some lovely and huge deliveries today...1 down...2 more to go...soooo I thought I'd let you see some more pictures from around my lovely new workshop....would you like that?

This is my new commute....see what you think...

The Main Gate.

Lovely view of the Old hall...

Nearly there....

Lovely gnarly old tree on the walk up...

Side elevation of the workshop is upstairs on the far left wing!!

My first Rosebud Bath Truffles made 'in-situ'

So...what do you think? I've a very happy bunny and can't wait until I get properly making goodies in there. I'll be posting more photo's of inside the workshop very soon so do pop back if you can.

TTFN xxx

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Big News...part #1

             Well, here we are on a wonderful wintry Saturday...the snow has been falling overnight and everything looks crisp and clean.
 As as follower of my little soap business, you will be aware that I make everything from my workroom at home, but this is all about to change...I've been packing up my home workshop today because on Monday I move into a new one!! Yippee!!

            I will still be making everything by hand, in small batches as ever but just in a new place. My new workshop is located on the beautiful Gibside Estate - a National Trust property near Rowlands Gill, right up  in the North East of England. It is part of the Garden Shed project in association with Gateshead Council which is supporting small, independent craft based businesses right here in the North East.

            My workshop will be located in their Grade 2 listed, converted stables block right in the heart of the estate surrounded by native woodland and wildlife. Here is a 'Before' photo, before my soap gubbins goes in...soo pretty!!

The Hayloft Door.

I'm sooo excited and very nervous to be moving but..... the lease is signed, insurance sorted, tonnes of soap made and wrapped....what reason would I have NOT to?

Wish me luck peeps.....bring on Moving in Monday....
I'll be sure to let you see some 'After' photo's too, please pop back soon...

TTFN xxxx

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Massage Candles and Luxury bath and Body Oils

          Hi Folks, Today was such a grotty day I decided to make some lovely NEW products.
I've been playing with formulas for 'massage candles' and luxury body oils that can also be used in the bath. I think I've cracked it now and have 4 co-ordinating new products...

         The 100% natural massage candles can be used in a number of ways,

 1 - as a normal candle, burning prettily and giving out it's beautiful fragrance. Very lovely on it's own but you'll be missing out on it's true purpose.

 2 - as a moisturising balm, simply scoop out a fingerful and warm the wonderfully rich butters between your palm and smooth into your arms and legs after a nice warm bath. Very nice and 'treaty' feeling but still not reaching it's full potential.

 3 - As a massage candle - Light the wick and leave to burn for a few minutes until a pool of melted butters develops and the essential oils fill the air. Blow out the flame and then allow the butters and oils to cool slightly. Once they are at a nice temperature, pour into a cupped hand and treat your loved one to a fragrant and relaxing shoulder and back rub, bliss!!

         The bath and body oils are also multi purpose in that you can add them to your bath for a fragrant and beautifully moisturising bath and / or stroke them directly onto your skin. They absorb best on warm damp skin, retaining the maximum amount of precious moisture and locking it in to the skin's deeper layers. I will be listing them onto my website very soon, I hope you are going to like them...I know I do.

TTFN....more new goodies coming soon xxx

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Etsy Favourites

I think I've found a new addiction!
My new Etsy shop opened it's doors just the other day and I've been window(s) shopping some beautiful handmade goodies from around the world...

Below are a selection of my new 'wants''s all dreamland really as I'll have to sell a whole boatload of soap to justify treating myself to these..but there's no harm in there?

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Happy New Year & Long time no posting...

I Hope you've all had an amazing Christmas and restful New Year, and that Santa has been good to you all :)

Golly it feels like an age since I posted anything...Truth be told, I've just been so busy which is no bad thing, but I feel I have somewhat neglected my blog.

To break myself back in gently, I thought I'd let you know I've just opened a shop over on Etsy, and show you a treasury I've just curated. It's all about wintery things and thing some lovely items that will bring comfort and joy in this the chilliest of months...I hope you like it.

The Cold Heart of Winter - Etsy Treasury

Why not pop on over for a peek at my shop while you're over there too...happy browsing :)