Sunday, 3 February 2013

Massage Candles and Luxury bath and Body Oils

          Hi Folks, Today was such a grotty day I decided to make some lovely NEW products.
I've been playing with formulas for 'massage candles' and luxury body oils that can also be used in the bath. I think I've cracked it now and have 4 co-ordinating new products...

         The 100% natural massage candles can be used in a number of ways,

 1 - as a normal candle, burning prettily and giving out it's beautiful fragrance. Very lovely on it's own but you'll be missing out on it's true purpose.

 2 - as a moisturising balm, simply scoop out a fingerful and warm the wonderfully rich butters between your palm and smooth into your arms and legs after a nice warm bath. Very nice and 'treaty' feeling but still not reaching it's full potential.

 3 - As a massage candle - Light the wick and leave to burn for a few minutes until a pool of melted butters develops and the essential oils fill the air. Blow out the flame and then allow the butters and oils to cool slightly. Once they are at a nice temperature, pour into a cupped hand and treat your loved one to a fragrant and relaxing shoulder and back rub, bliss!!

         The bath and body oils are also multi purpose in that you can add them to your bath for a fragrant and beautifully moisturising bath and / or stroke them directly onto your skin. They absorb best on warm damp skin, retaining the maximum amount of precious moisture and locking it in to the skin's deeper layers. I will be listing them onto my website very soon, I hope you are going to like them...I know I do.

TTFN....more new goodies coming soon xxx

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