Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Our New Website is about to launch.

Well I'm sorry it's been so long since my last posting...what can I say I've been a really busy lady. I have been re-fitting my workshop so I should soon have loads of new storage and surfaces to make heaps more lovely goodies. Once it's complete, I'll give you a guided tour by photo...just need a bench surface and I think we're done :)

I've also been building our own lovely website...I'm almost there, so there is a 'coming soon' and 'about us' page just for now, pop over for a sneak preview...www.oakwoodsoaperie.co.uk
I have a lot of wrapping and labelling to do but you will soon be able to buy direct from us...Yay!!
Lots of new products in the pipeline too, keep checking back with us over the next few weeks for new listings.

I am also hoping to open a couple of new online shops at 'Ethical Community' and 'Etsy' so it's all go here!

Well I s'pose I'd better get back to my melts setting up in the fridge and get another batch on the go...in the mean time, here are some images of new goodies to tempt you...Spring is in the air...I know it, bring on the sunshine!!


  1. How exciting!!! All looks marvellous. Can't wait to see photos of your new work space. xo Jen

  2. The website looks nice. Anyway, it's good that you have an area there for your Tweets. Twitter in general can really help in giving out those short, but important updates.

    -Glenn Evans

  3. Thankyou Jen and Glenn, I'm delighted you like the new site ;)I'm almost finished the re-fit too and will take some nice pics when it is tidy again!!
    Ceri xx