Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy Valentines Day! (and some new makes for our new website)

Today it's been all go here at Soaperie Towers :)
Bath bombs are now drying on the racks and soap is almost ready to pour.
Todays makes include Green Tea and Rice bran Bath bombs and St Clements - Orange and lemon bath bombs ( both with a new secret bubbling ingredient)

Green Tea and Rice Bran Bubbling bomb

St Clement's - all wrapped up

Yesterday I made new batches of our best sellers - Floral Heaven (Jasmine & Ylang ylang) and Heather Honey bath bombs, this room smells AMAZING!! I can't wait till tonight, as I get to use up all the little end bits and crumbs that are left - soapmakers treat :)
Our bath bombs make lovely Wedding Favours and can be tailored to suit the theme of the wedding or special occasion, I can even rustle up some custom labels too, (if i'm feeling particularly clever!)

Floral Heaven Bath Bombs

Heather Honey Bath Bombs

I'll be pouring a new batch of Sweet Pea soap this afternoon too, hopefully it should look like this when cured.

Sweet Pea Soap
These will all be listed on our new website as soon as they are wrapped and ready.

More updates to follow very soon -
TTFN - time for lunch xx


  1. Your bath bombs look divine. I haven't made as Sweet Pea soap in quite awhile but love the scent. I'm sure yours turned out lovely. Your cat is so cute (it shows up under other posts I might like at the bottom).


    1. :O) Thank you Michelle. I've not cut sweet pea yet but It moved so fast I hardly had a good chance to swirl it. Hopefully this afternoon I can cut it and see how it is inside.
      My 'supervisor' (cat) is nearly 12, this is her favourite spot, curled up on her scratching tower in my workshop...in a sunbeam of course!!
      She love to 'help' especially at packaging when there's ribbon involved!