Thursday, 24 March 2011

Today's makes...

I love tea...well who doesn't? I really wanted to make a tea soap, so today I made an Earl Grey based creamy one. I infused the water portion with a strong blend of Earl Grey then mixed in the Sodium Hydroxide. I had a pan of oils and butters to one side ready to receive the tea mixture and begin it's transformation into beautiful gentle tea fragranced soap. I wanted to incorporate a nice blend of essential oils but wanted something a bit more complex than just Bergamot alone.
My blend ended up being bergamot, neroli, clove and patchouli giving the characteristic Earl Grey fragrance but with more complex spicey (from the clove) and earthy (from the patchouli) notes. I topped it off with tea leaves and calendula petals for prettiness et voilà, Earl grey soap was born :o)

Continuing on the 'me time' theme from yesterday, I decided another walk was in order so off I went further along the river. It turns out they were sand martins I saw yesterday not swallows, they were flying so fast I could not tell the difference. 4 horsies and about 12 toads later I came to a huge nesting area for sand martins, made note to self to come back in a couple of months and see their frenzied to-ing and fro-ing. I decided to turn back as a cup of tea was calling and I was starting to get a bit weary, I must have walked about a hundred miles (slight exaggeration maybe) in the last 48 hours. Well tea is in the oven and wine is chilling in the fridge, settling down to the end of another lovely day, toodle pip for now xx.

Pics below are some lovely early flowers in my Mum and dad's garden.

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