Sunday, 10 April 2011

The sun has got his hat on and he's coming out to play...

The milk bottle white is subsiding after two glorious days of sun. After the hubby and I stretched out legs on the bikes for the first time in ages yesterday, we were both feeling a bit crampy and sore of leg this morning, so what better thing than to go for a trundle.

We headed off to Corbridge (about 10 miles away) in the car then set off on a fabulous walk along the river and up, up, up 'Prospect Hill' which overlooks the Tyne Valley panorama. It was beautifully lined with hundereds of daffodils all along the way.
After much stair climbing and meandering up a very winding road, we came out on the Hexhamshire moors and the sun was blazing down.

The path wriggled it's way through some beautiful little hamlets and farmland then headed way back down through a woody be honest we were both a bit glad of some shade.

We saw our first couple of swallows too, delighted but not quick enough with the camera unfortunately :o(

Coming out at the bottom of the copse, we found a little lambing field where these chaps were blissfully sunning themselves. The must have only been a few days old Bless 'em soooo sweet.

We came back down the gazillion and one steps and back along the river where we had a rest and watched the world go by for a bit before heading home, Just looking down at my arms now, they are actually starting to go brown!! I really hope the sun doesn't burn itself out before the Propper summer comes.

Are we safe to 'cast our clouts' yet d'you reckon???? "cast ne're a clout til May be oot" meaning - click me...

Whenever we are in the vicinity, one of my favourite place to go to is 'RE- Found Objects' an absolute treasure trove of found objects and gorgeous bits and bobs, I can spend hours in this place, pootling and snooping and wishing for a bottomless bank balance (sigh) Check it out if you are passing's even worth making a special trip...I promise xx


  1. The walk looks lovely bet you feel better for being able to get out in the sun, I know I do.
    "cast ne're a clout til May be oot" My mum always said that to me. lol

  2. I sure do, I can't stand being cooped up when the weather is gorgeous. I'm already planning the next big walk for Sunday after my craft fair...I'm thinking Simonside Hills maybe or possibly the beach...have to wait an see.