Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Winter blues and a drop of golden sun.

Hello again peeps,

I'm sitting here contemplating after what was a horrible day yesterday! Nothing to do with where I am, what I'm doing or how to progress with my business, but with tiredness and I admit quite a dose of stress.
I put it all down to unnecessary fretting, the darkness of winter and the lack of sun on my face, so to cheer myself up and banish those winter blues I wandered into Pinterest, my happy place. If you've not found it yet, go take a peek here and wander around, it's my little haven of prettiness and joy.

My 'other' obsession is textiles (I have an Honours degree in Textiles and Fashion Design from a million years ago), so I started wandering around boards dedicated to all things textiles, and found some beautiful boards on natural printing techniques, I kept being drawn back to images of eco printing with leaves and flowers, rusty nails and even sunshine (cyanotype)!! It must have been my lucky day, I found just what I needed to banish the blues, a good dollop of the sun. I now have a positive and lovely thing to look forwards to trying and can't wait to try experimenting with some of these techniques, once I give myself a few sunny days off from soaping that is, ROLL ON SUMMER!!

Follow Oakwood Soaperie's board Eco print, fabric and paper on Pinterest.

I hope this will bring a little sunshine into your day too,

Till next time,

Ceri  x

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