Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Peppermint Canes and Brambleberry scrumping...

      Today I have been mostly making some more seasonal goodies. In particular some gorgeous soaps that I'm fair delighted with...let me introduce...

Peppermint Cane Handmade soap


'Peppermint Cane' is made with Pure plant oils of Oilve, Sunflower and coconut, enriched with gorgeous naturally chocolate fragranced Cocoa butter. It is fragranced with Peppermint and Vanilla. Vanilla has a tendancy to darken soap so to counteract this I have added Titanium Dioxide (a naturally occurring mineral whitener - used frequently in cosmetics to lighten products) fingers crossed it stays looking like this over it's 4 week cure. With a splosh or red soap colourant and a pinch or several or cosmetic grade glitter and a bit of chopstick work, here we have it.

And also, new to the stage...'Brambleberry Swirl' . 
This is made with the same base oils and butters but with the addittion of Oat Milk at trace for skin smoothnness and a silky feel to the bar. It is fragranced with a blend of oils described as 'a luscious fruity-wood fragrance with top notes of bergamot and rose and basil leaves. Sweet, rich blackberries, dry leaves, and an amber-cinnamon blend. These are lifted by breezy ozonic accents and cool lavandin, combined with smooth woods, moss and musk.'
Within the two colour swirl, I have added some poppy seeds for a bit of gentle scrub and because they resemble blackberry pips :o)

BrambleBerry Swirl handmade soap
I can't wait to cut these two beauties, hoefully they will be swirled inside too, fingers crossed.

I have also been making up a few new seasonal bubble bars and melts, these ones are for an order, but they will be available from my Folksy and WowThankyou shops nearer Christmas too. Here's a sneaky peek...

More on these Christmassy goodies later, keep checking back for updates and more info.

Take Care

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  1. Fantastic looking soaps! Love your colours, swirls and sculptured tops!