Saturday, 27 August 2011

Seasonal Spendour...

Apple of Temptation Bubble Bar
Japanese Plum Bubble Bar
Today has been dedicated to seasonal products here at Oakwood between batches of my hubble bubble bars being made up for a lovely order I received the other day...namely new "Japanese Plum" and "Apple of Temptation"...I have been stirring my soap cauldron.

Pumpkin Spice Halloween Soap

May I introduce to you, all new and Haloweenified (yes that is a word...I've not just made it up!) Pumpkin Spice handmade soap...It is made with Olive, Sunflower and coconut oils, cocoa butter, carrot tissue oil (for colour and it helps reduce scarring and is very high in Vitamin A) and black mica. The fragrance is a blend of creamy fruit and spice with a hint of cinnamon. It should be nicely cured by the end of September...just in time for All Hallows Eve...

I have also been concocting a new creamed soap for the winter time. Whilst the soap was still liquid, I whipped it up until it resembled whipped cream. It will make for a moussey bar with a very different texture to the usual cold process soaps I make...I fancied something new...This one is aqua coloured underneath with a layer of sea green mica through the middle and white whipped topping...It is fragranced with a blend of pine, eucalyptus and mint. Because she resembles a lovely snowdrift, the kind I could't help jumping in when I was little - (not to mention just last year), I am calling her "Snow Day" I can't wait until she is cut up...I'm thinking extra chunky bars this time. What do you think?

Well, I'd better be off, there tea to get going, and baths to be had...TTFNxx


  1. Your soaps look beautiful! Love the sound of the pumpkin spice aroma! Can't wait to see your cut pics, especially the whipped soap. I've made whipped soap cup cakes and I love them, but ghee it was a lot of work the way I did it, with a hand beater.

    Love your blog!

  2. The Japanese Plum Bubble bars look fantastic, same as your soaps. I am looking forward to see them cut too.

  3. Thank you ladies :o) hopefully I'll be posting some cut pics in the next few days.
    Yes Dragon (Karen), the whipped soap does take an age, I rebatched 23 bars to make this batch, they all had to be chopped / grated, melted down, whipped, fragranced and molded...phew. I usually make cold process from scratch, so this was a new adventure for me...and I have the blisters and burns to prove it...owch!!